Hanging Lanterns are ideal for showing off style even in small spaces. They work as a fashionable alternative to regular flush and semi-flush type lights. Lanterns come in a variety of shapes and styles, such as mini-chandeliers, smokebells and more. They are great for use in foyers, bathrooms, hallways etc. They also come in various shapes; squares, arched forms, goblets, rectangles and more. Some lanterns come with lampshades, mugs, fretwork, bound glass and other such features.

Lanterns help create that warm, inviting ambiance while illuminating the mounted area. Most people like to install them in foyers. This ensures house guests begin their visits with that great mood lighting experience only Lanterns can bring. The best part about them is how much more sophisticated they make your home without the expense.

In selecting a suitable Lantern for your home, be sure to have important details at hand such as the size of the area to be fitted, complete with the exact length and the width of the area. This is important if you do not want to purchase additional fixtures to balance the lighting or even if this is exactly your plan. You will need to know how many Lanterns you should purchase or the single, suitable Lantern for the area. It is possible to install a single Lantern and purchase additional hanging lights to complement it. You also want to purchase the right size so your Lantern does not hang too high or low.

Make your choice today from our wide range of beautiful Lanterns at Luxury Chandelier. Regardless of your style, we are certain we have something special for you.

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