Flush Mounts

Flush mounts are a great way to bring light into a room of your home, especially when you do not have enough room for a chandelier or a pendant light. They can still provide plenty of beauty to your space, depending on what style that you choose for your flush mounts.

What exactly is a flush mounted light? It is a fixture mounted flush to the ceiling. Unlike Chandeliers and Pendant Lights that hang down from the ceiling, or Wall Sconces that are attached to the wall rather than to the ceiling, these lights sit as close to the ceiling as they possible can.

This is what makes them ideal for rooms with low ceilings or even for large rooms, where you want to disperse as much light as possible throughout as much of the room as possible. Because they sit tight to the ceiling, they cast as wide a beam of light as is possible. Many pendant lights will cast their light straight down, or will only light a small portion of the room. Many of our Flush Mounts, however, are designed to light the majority of your room space.

When looking for Flush Mounts, look for designs that complement the rest of your d├ęcor. Your lights are just as much a part of your rooms’ decorations as anything else in the room. Choose one of our luxury Flush Mounts to ensure that you are creating the very best style for any one of your rooms. Whether you need to light a tight space, provide more light for a dark room, or simply do not have room for a hanging light like a chandelier, but you still want to infuse your room with class and elegance, Flush Mounts from Luxury Chandeliers are your best option.

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