Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are the perfect way to complement the existing light to a room, especially if the ceiling lights or wall sconces simply do not give off enough light. Floor lamps are a popular choice for putting behind couches or near reading chairs, so that there is plenty of directed light only where it is needed. In many rooms of your home, you may find that floor lamps are the best options because they emit radiant light that brightens a specific space. If you are finding your rooms to be drab or dark, they are a simple and relatively inexpensive away to light your home.

Placement is usually essential to making floor lamps work. Look for one that is the right height. Too short or too tall, and it will not provide light where you need it. Too bright, and you might as well install another ceiling light in the room. Too dim, and it will not help you solve your room’s light problem. Look at your rooms and determine where there is not enough light. Do you often find yourself sitting in bed, straining to read in the dark even when the lights are on? Is there a chair that seems to be cloaked in darkness?

Floor lamps are an ideal choice for lighting areas that would otherwise be hard to reach. Because they stand on their own, they do not need to be paired with a side table or desk in order to light up an area. Look for floor lamps that meet the needs of your home’s d├ęcor. For those with exquisite Italian lighting or Spanish lighting tastes, one of our luxury floor lamps is sure to impress. Shop our selection of floor lamps below from Luxury Chandelier.

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