Venetian Glass

Venetian Glass chandeliers add a touch of radiance to your home. Venetian Glass is the result of a 700 year old love for the art of glass making in Murano Island, located in Venice, Italy. The Venetian Glass is a special one as great care is taken to ensure a stunning output and overall transformation of the lighted environment.

Venetian Glass was already in existence prior to the 14th century. The Venetians were well known for their excellent glass making skills. They crafted beautiful mirrors, lanterns etc. Before long, the glass makers delved into the art of turning beautiful glass into exquisite chandeliers. These become popular after the chandelier world got a tad used to brass, iron and wooden chandeliers.

These Venetian chandeliers are usually much lighter than their counterparts, not due to a lack of quality, but because they are made from soda crystal. The use of soda crystal allows the craftsman more flexibility during the design process resulting in a more intricate and elegant chandelier.

Traditional Venetian Glass often contains a mixture of colored glass, leaves and sometimes flowers. This is possible due to the use of the soda crystal. This crystal also contains unique properties which gave the Venetian chandelier a stunning clarity much different than other types of glass being crafted in the 14th century.

One of the early pieces of the classic Venetian Glass chandeliers was made for Frederick IV of Denmark. It is said that he made a trip all the way to the city of Venice for the purpose of acquiring a chandelier for the palace. The chandelier he acquired can still be found in the Denmark royal palace present day.

The Venetian glass chandelier is a most classy piece, a great beauty and rich with history. We at Luxury Chandelier are certain they would be a welcome and treasured addition to your home.

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