While most people think of a chandelier as a very vintage light fixture, the truth is that with the right styling and the right design, a chandelier can look very modern. Whether you prefer crystal chandeliers or alabaster chandeliers, we have a wide variety of options that will look modern in your foyer, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, or study. Choose between chandeliers with over seventy lights or chandeliers with as few as six lights, for spaces that need a lot of light, or spaces that need only a little.

All of our modern chandeliers are made with the very best frames, plated in gold, and full lead, high quality crystals that glitter in the light put off by the chandelier. If you choose a style that has shades on the lights, these shades will be made from silk. For both Italian lighting and Spanish lighting traditions, we have a number of different options, including Maria Theresa chandeliers, widely considered the gold standard. Pick from options that have only a few crystal garlands, to options that have hundreds – for very demure to very dominant chandeliers.

The modern chandelier is the pinnacle of design. It is both elegant and functional, with lights to keep your rooms friendly and welcoming, to timeless style that will stand up even to decades of changing trends. We know how difficult it is to find a high quality chandelier – that is why we have brought together this collection of modern chandeliers, specifically for you. Choose from small and large fixtures, in a range of colors and styles. You will find no better place to buy a chandelier than right here at Luxury Chandelier.

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