Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Maria Theresa chandeliers, named after an Austrian empress of the 18th century, are everything a chandelier should aspire to be: spectacular, stylish and magnificent. Representing the splendor of a bygone era, these chandeliers sparkle in traditional settings but also go very well with a contemporary theme.

Based on the Bohemian chandeliers of the time, Maria Theresa chandeliers had royal patronage and were considered a symbol of wealth, nobility and class. To match their pedigree, these chandeliers were large and elaborate, and crafted to impress. The grand looks continue to make these chandeliers a preferred choice in any setting with an expansive space and high ceilings.

However, Maria Theresa chandeliers are also available in different sizes today, making them very suitable for elegant homes. They are characterized by intricate detailing, sweeping curves, uplifted arms and multiple layers of glass rosettes with dripping crystals and beads that together celebrate style, luxury and European tradition. The thin metal frame looks best in a black matte iron finish but can be equally brilliant in highly polished chrome or gold.

This ageless classic has been the gold standard for elegance and grace in the chandelier world for hundreds of years. The Maria Theresa has delicate glass arms draped with plentiful amounts of classic clear crystal or the wildly popular golden teak crystal and is guaranteed to make your home feel like a palace.

Quite simply, there is no better brand of chandeliers than our Maria Theresa collection. With a wide variety of Maria Theresa chandeliers available on our website, you will have no trouble finding the perfect fixture for your home. Special care and attention to detail has been taken to ensure that these crystal chandeliers are made with the best materials and a range of intricate designs that really sets this brand apart from others. Whether you want a small chandelier for your bedroom or a large chandelier for your entry way, the Maria Theresa Collection has the perfect chandelier for you. Shop Luxury Chandelier today.

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