Alabaster Chandeliers

For those who want the luxurious style of a chandelier but do not want crystal, an Alabaster Chandelier is the ideal choice. These lights still provide plenty of luxurious style to a room, but unlike a Crystal Chandelier which is often reserved only for the most formal rooms, an Alabaster Chandelier can look great in almost any room. Popularized as Italian lighting and manufactured in Spain, these chandelier hearken back to the Baroque Period. With a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs to choose from, it easy to find a fixture that looks as good in a formal entry way as it is to find one that looks beautiful in a more casual sitting room.

Alabaster is a marble-like stone mined in Northern Spain and manufactured by hand. The resulting product after mining transforms light into a soft ambiance. Our Spanish factories are renowned for their quality and workmanship and each Alabaster Chandelier can be customized exactly to your tastes.

Many of our Alabaster options are more contemporary in style, so if you are looking for a pendant lamp for a modern room, Alabaster Chandeliers might work better than the more traditional chandeliers. These fixtures provide a more even light than a Crystal Chandelier, because they lack the crystals that cause the glittering effect that most people associate with chandeliers. Whether you want something very traditional or something more contemporary, Alabaster is a great, durable option that needs less maintenance than other types of chandeliers.

With many different models to choose from, you can create a space that looks like it is pulled right out of the Italian Renaissance or something with a more modern feel. Made only with the best materials, you will never have to worry about quality when you buy from us. We have the best fixtures, at the best prices. Take a look below at our wide variety of alabaster chandeliers, curated specifically for you and all your chandelier needs.

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