Nothing can make a room more attractive or more formal than a beautiful, unique chandelier. If you are looking for the very best, highest quality chandeliers at the most affordable prices, you have come to the right place. Not only do we have Large Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers, and Alabaster Chandeliers, we also have a range of other luxury lighting options, including Flush Mounts, Floor Lamps, and Wall Sconces. For the very best in Italian lighting, trust Luxury Chandelier.

When most people think of chandeliers, they think of very classically styled foyers, dining rooms, and sitting rooms. The truth is, however, that there are also a wide variety of Contemporary Chandeliers that will look as great in modern-styled rooms as the more traditional Crystal Chandeliers will look in rooms with a more vintage styling. A chandelier is a great way to provide not just light to a room, but grandeur.

Originally created to better distribute light throughout a room before the discovery and implementation of electricity, they soon became status symbols. The larger and more ornate the chandelier was, the higher class it was believed to be. The word "chandelier" comes from the French word for "candle holder." Simply, they were designed to hold candles and light a large room from above. They first started to appear in homes in the 14th century, at first made simply from wood, with metal spikes for holding the candles. Eventually, as the idea of hanging candles from the ceiling began to take hold, they began to become more and more extravagant, to the point that besides the chandeliers hung in public spaces like churches and abbeys, only the rich could afford what we would now consider to be a chandelier.

Soon, it became clear that wood was not the best material for large chandeliers. Instead, metal and crystal chandeliers became the norm. Metal was preferable because of its strength and because it is impervious to flame. Crystal chandeliers became popular because the hung crystals would help to scatter the light, making dim rooms appear brighter. Over time, the chandelier became more and more associated with wealth. Designs became not just more lavish, but also more intricate. Even when gas lighting and, eventually, electricity began to make lighting rooms more convenient, the chandelier persisted and continued to be the very best option for lighting rooms while also making a statement.

Today, the primary role of a chandelier is the same as it always has been: to provide light. But they are still a symbol of style and even, depending on the size and design of the chandelier, of extravagance. Crystal Chandeliers are just as popular today as they always have been. They are a classic lighting option, and when paired with our wall sconces and floor lamps, there is nothing better for the decoration of your home. We have a huge variety to choose from, including Maria Theresa Chandeliers, Murano Chandeliers, and styles that specifically emulate Italian or Spain lighting.

What makes a great chandelier? The first element of both contemporary chandeliers and more traditional designs is the arrangement of the arms and the lights. Not every chandelier has to be adorned with crystals, though crystal chandeliers are the most common and most widely recognizable design. Alabaster chandeliers, for example, will still have the multi-armed design, each arm topped with a light to disperse that light as far afield as possible. An Alabaster Chandelier will usually have a more gothic or baroque appearance, adding subtle style to any room, without necessarily dominating the space like large crystal chandeliers might.

A neo-classical chandelier, however, will often have finer crystal and more ornate lighting, with tiers of arms and lights, along with tears of crystals, many of which may have to be hung individually, depending on the design of the chandelier. These usually hearken back to the earliest days of the extravagant chandelier. While they are beautiful and will draw the eye, the more delicate design appears lighter and therefore will not dominate a room like other options will.

Large Chandeliers, especially large crystal chandeliers are going to be the focal point of any room which they are in. Many of these will have long, sweeping, hanging crystals, gathered into tiers. The crystals, more than the lights themselves are the ornamentation on these lights, and they will provide a glittering effect in any room where they are placed.

The Modern Chandelier will usually be smaller, with a more understated design. Especially for smaller rooms, it can be ideal to have a smaller piece that does not dominate the entire room. One of the characteristics of many contemporary chandeliers is the addition of lampshades over the lights. Why bother with these? While shades likely would not have been very popular in the past because they interfered with the chandelier's main purpose (to light the room), today, they add an additional touch of elegance.

There are, of course, also very large, grand crystal chandeliers that can look very contemporary, depending on the room itself and the color of the chandelier. Gold or brass chandeliers will often have a more vintage appearance, while black chandeliers could look very chic and modern. The wide variety of Maria Theresa Chandeliers on our website makes it easy for you to find a great piece for any room in your house.

Of course, you will need more than just a few chandeliers if you are going to light your entire home. This is why we also sell a range of Flush Mounts, Wall Sconces, Table Lamps, and Floor Lamps that complement not just each other, but your rooms, too. Whether you are looking for something specifically to complement one of your chandeliers or you are looking for a way to stylishly add light to one of your rooms, one of our luxury Wall Sconces is a great option.

Flush Mounts can help provide light to a room, without actually taking up any space in that room. If you want light, but do not want a large fixture hanging from your ceiling or sticking out from your wall, a Flush Mount is a great alternative. Like Table Lamps and Floor Lamps, these types of lights provide very directed light to a specific part of the room. This is ideal for rooms where you might want light specifically over a chair, on a desk, or beside your bed, but you do not want to necessarily light the entire room.

In addition to be functional, these types of lights and lamps can help to finish a room. Lighting is just as much a part of the décor as the furniture, rugs, and art in that room are. Classic lighting will help to make a classic room meet the needs of that aesthetic. Contemporary lighting will make a contemporary room feel more contemporary. The right combination of elements is essential to achieve your desired aesthetic, and lighting is definitely one of those elements.

What chandeliers do you have the ability to choose from when you shop Luxury Chandelier? The first are large crystal chandeliers. These are great for large rooms or for rooms where you really want your lighting to make a statement. This type of chandelier is going to completely dominate a room. If you really want your room to appear ornate, choosing large chandeliers is the way to go.

Small chandeliers have their place as well. These can be great over dining room tables, can work well over beds or in smaller entry ways, can provide visual interest in libraries or studies, etc. If you want some of the grandeur that large crystal chandeliers lend to their rooms, but you do not want or do not have space for a larger chandelier, a small crystal chandelier might be a good option.

Alabaster Chandeliers, unlike their crystal counterparts, are less ornate, but still provide lots of style to a room. Available in a number of different colors and styles, including small, large, single-tiered, and multi-tiered designs, if you want a chandelier that is a little more understated than your typical crystal chandelier, this is your alternative.

Maria Theresa Chandeliers are beautifully made and carefully constructed, so that they will stand the test of time. Also available on our website are Contemporary Chandeliers, many of which look great with the table lamps or floor lamps we have in stock.

A chandelier is sure to be a great addition to any room in your home. Though most traditionally used in dining rooms and entry ways, they are a great way to light any room, while also adding elegance. The style of chandelier you choose will dictate how grand the room appears, so you can make your rooms very grand, or you can simply add light and a little ornateness. Buy Luxury Chandelier today.